Why Is Content Marketing Important For Your Business in 2019?

River Pools for the construction of fiberglass swimming pools had little success in 2008. At that time, the stock market was collapsing and the company deteriorated so that every consultant the owner of the company spoke to pointed out that he should stop his work and close its doors. And after answering customer questions about fiberglass swimming pools, after searching with his team to find out what is taking on customers in this area, and after discussions with customers to troubleshoot their problems, the chief owner recruited his entire team to answer those questions and write a response to queries twiceOnce a week, after 6 months of writing and publishing the content, the company has started to sell people from around the world and started sales. The Parallel Profits company has learned how to use content marketing to attract the public’s attention and profit.

The main owner of River Pools says:

(The moment we stopped saying we were building pools, we started saying, “We know better about fiberglass in the world – and we also ride them – these were the most prosperous days of our lives.)

River Pools

River Pools

Content marketing emerged in 2007, when business owners discovered that they could communicate directly with the public and promote their products without the help of advertisers. But attracting the attention of the public was a major challenge amid the chaos of content and social platforms. Through the provision of useful content to them, and from there to turn them into customers and thus raise sales and increase profits for the company.

In this article we will learn about marketing content, types, and how to use it to achieve your business goals?

What is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing

“Content is anything that adds value to the life of the reader.” Avinash Kaushik

Is a type of marketing that involves the creation and exchange of materials online (such as videos, blogging, and text sharing on social media) that do not directly or directly promote the brand but are intended to provide content that benefits the public and motivates them to take an interest in their products or services.

Content Marketing Institute defines it as: a strategic marketing approach that focuses on creating and disseminating valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience, ultimately driving purchasing decisions.

Instead of marketing directly to your products or services, you provide useful and relevant content to your customers and potential customers to help them solve their problems.

Content marketing is used by major brands such as: P & G, Microsoft, Cisco Systems, John Deer .. and many more.

The 10 Characteristics Of Great Content

Affordable: Make sure, before content is published, that it is easy to understand and accessible to your target audience, using terms that are appropriate to their scientific or community level.

Be participatory: Before you make any content you have to ask yourself whether this content is shareable, will the audience interact with it, if you add a question or poll, will they respond? Interaction creates a solid relationship between you and your audience. The more accessible the audience is, the more likely they are to engage with their friends. Make sure to include the “sharing” option on the blog and other platforms.

Be meaningful and valuable: content must be valuable to customers’ lives, seek to educate them, find solutions to their problems, and change their lives better.

It should be relevant to your products: It is very appropriate that the content you publish is relevant to your services or products, because it will help you demonstrate your experience in your area. If you sell products for mothers, for example, your content should include tips and information on motherhood and childhood .

Encourage decision-making: The purpose of the content is ultimately to benefit the public and make a decision about what service or product you are offering, and to go beyond content consumption only to become a visitor to a customer.

Be unique: Although marketers often talk to the same ideas or try to solve the same customer problems, they try to devise ways that are different from the rest. Your content should be unique and distinguish you from the rest of your competition. Unique content shows how unique your company or products are. Or services.

In a timely manner: Many marketers use Evergreen Content, but some content is timely, unfit for time, or in season, and is not suitable for another season. You can write an article about driving risks in snow. Winter in the days when the snow falls, makes more sense than publishing the article in the summer.

Do not promote your company directly: The content should not be promoted publicly or directly to your services or products, remember that the content is designed specifically to benefit the customer and not sell it directly.

Be high quality: deliver compelling, high-quality content that shows your interest, experience and efficiency in the business, and increases the confidence of customers and investors.

To draw attention: One of the most important features in good content is that it can draw the attention of the public to a long stop at it, especially in the era of flow of information, images and content of all kinds.

What is the importance of content marketing?

– Effective content helps build relationships, win loyalty, trust customers and attract potential customers.

– Customer confidence will turn into feedback (buying decision) and referrals, thus raising sales and profits.

– Provides marketing costs, because choosing a type of marketing with less expensive content (blogging for example) and focusing on it will save you a lot of marketing expenses.

– Contributes to keeping users longer on the site (this is what search engines prefer), and therefore your content reaches more visitors and the audience that turns into customers.

– Participates in educating others to spread knowledge, information and values ​​widely among the public.

– Content builds a good reputation for brands, whenever the content provided by the mark is unique and useful whenever you gain respect from customers and competitors.

– Boosts your site as a market expert in your field, helping you achieve a lot of your goals.

Types Of Content Marketing

Many believe that publishing content written (articles in particular) is content marketing, but in fact marketing content has many types including:

Blogging: One of the most powerful forms of content marketing is relatively low-cost. Businesses use content writers to write various articles on product-related topics that provide consumers with answers to their questions and offer solutions to the problems they face that are usually related to the product or service you offer. The company competes through articles to become the front of the search engines, some companies provide a review of their products and provide explanations to customers for how to use them in the form of articles or reviews.

Groove managed the e-mail service tool to generate millions of dollars in profits through the use of a single marketing channel, “marketing with written content.” After the company was almost finished and their marketing efforts failed to record user visits or sell products, Speaking to the experts, the team decided to start using content marketing, specifically focusing on the blog and delivering articles of great value to customers. The company posted revenue of $500,000 a month in the first months, says a marketing expert in Groove. Blog. ”

Envography: A visual representation of information or data, simplifying a complex subject, or enlivening a boring theme, designed to transform information, statistics or data into an eye-catching graph. The most popular type of marketing is graphics, images, and information Streamlined presentation to readers in a way that shortens the time and effort to understand the subject.

Video: One of the most popular types of content marketing, videos are designed in 2-5 minutes on specific topics. Video topics are usually drawn from articles, followers’ questions, other text content, videos uploaded on the company website, Such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The phenomenon of engaging video in marketing campaigns has spread widely from large, medium or small companies.

Research and studies: It is one of the most reliable types of content marketing among customers. Everyone trusts the numbers and statistics. Therefore, the company’s efforts in researching and obtaining information are among the most important reasons for customer confidence in the brand, doing research in your field of work and sharing with customers to prove your professionalism and professionalism.

Ebooks: One of the most valuable types of content marketing, companies search for questions that are of interest to customers, offering solutions by launching an e-book available for free or subscription to the mailing list, which gives more credibility to your business, Your place in the market as an expert, if you want to create long-lasting content shared by customers you should know why and how to use e-books in marketing for your business.

Other types of content marketing can help promote your marketing strategy, including podcasts, interviews (with experts and influencers in your field), directory (user guide on a topic they are interested in), case study, social media content, photos, surveys, Online seminars, etc.

How do you choose the right content?

You can not choose a type of marketing because it fits your budget, or because you prefer it to the other. There are many things to keep in mind when choosing the type of content you will use in marketing, including:

Target Audience: The audience you target with your product or service plays a big role in choosing the content you will share. It is important to realize that gender, age and even geography are important to choose the type of content. Red Bull likes video marketing because it provides content to athletes, adventure enthusiasts and riskers. The best type, better than publishing articles or designing an aviograph, or even offering ebooks.

The type of product / service: In addition to the importance of the target audience, the product you offer or the service, it is very important to know what content you will provide, Blendtec discovered that the dissemination of fun and fun videos about their mixers, more useful than any other kind From marketing, the company began cutting back on marketing expenses and going to publish videos on YouTube showing the challenge that mixers are able to grind anything (such as the iPhone 6 Plus Grind Mixing Experience).

Consider stages: The stages in which customers know about your product affect the type of content you choose. At the beginning of your journey to promote brand awareness, focusing on videos is more effective than focusing on written content. When you launch a new product, the use of images will make a big difference. Success of your marketing strategy.

Some tools are used to improve content

Kissmetrics: Provides analysis and data for visitor behavior on the site, even after the visitor turns into a client.

Google Analytics: The tool provides reports, measures the impact of networks and phone on web traffic, and measures conversion rates.

Woopra: Helps website owners, applications, track visitors across multiple devices and build comprehensive user schedules.

Zuum: A tool for content analysis on networks that gives you reports on the content of your competitors and influencers on the networks.

Alexa: The site gives you data about the ranking of your site globally and locally, and the order of all other sites that you are interested in knowing its data.

Moz: These tools enable users to monitor social networks and manage their SEO campaigns.

How to apply all this in your work

How to apply all this in your work

It’s true that content marketing has become one of the most popular trends marketers use to attract customers and raise sales but it does not work unless you have a clear strategy that is consistent with your company’s values. Here are steps to help you develop a content marketing strategy:

❂ Make a plan; you should determine your company’s needs before you decide which content to use, will you use one or more types, and why? Will it be useful to your business? Make a plan to choose the content that works best for you.

❂ Know if you have one homogeneous audience or multi-sector audience? What role will your content play to bring that homogeneous audience around your product? You must work to cover your experiences and information that you have to solve the problems and concerns of the audience, and be carefully designed to answer their questions, needs and interests.

❂ Start developing content to match your business values, your audience needs, and search engines (plan for SEO improvement).

❂ Start publishing content so that you set a timetable, the platforms you will use, when the articles will be published in the blog, how many articles per week, will networks be used, and what networks are appropriate?

❂ Your customers’ content should convince you that you are better at solving their problems in your business.

❂ Keep your content up-to-date to help your site rank higher on search engines.

Experts believe that the biggest challenge for content marketing owners is not having sufficient experience in the field or time to produce the content that will help them achieve their business goals. If you think it’s time to start using content marketing in your marketing strategy, Such as preventing you from making progress in your business, you can use the services of professional content creators via the buybacklinksforseo.com platform.

❂ Neutral content is the ideal way to respect and trust your audience and to build a relationship with them. Customers will be bored if you talk all the time about yourself, your service, or your product.

❂ With high-quality content, you will stop looking for your audience because they will seek advice and knowledge by asking questions on your platforms or subscribing to your mailing lists.

To know exactly what content to prepare, answer these questions:

– What information is your customers looking for?

– What questions do they ask?

– What are the problems they face?

– What are their interests?

– How will you be able to provide content that helps them develop solutions to their problems?

❂ Do not seek to provide unique and useful content but only to build an audience.

❂ Make sure you have clear goals (avoid spamming).

❂ It can take as little as 9 months, and between 15 and 17 months on average to start harvesting the fruits of marketing content.

About the content marketing tool from a tool to a culture, do not treat content marketing as a marketing campaign.

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