Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Is The Richest Person In The World 2019!

Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, was born in 1964 and has been crowned globally as the richest man in the world with a fortune of $156 billion according to the Forbes World’s Billionaires list.

He is the owner and founder of, the world’s largest and most popular Internet site.

This site offers many products and items of all kinds, and for those who do not know Amazon’s e-store does not exist in reality, but only has several stores where the products are placed when required from users and then shipped to their homes or companies

What is the secret that made Jeff Bezos, still middle-aged, occupy that position so quickly.

We offer you this article and we know very well that among the readers are thousands like “Jeff” and even better than him and they may achieve most of what he achieved.

Personal life of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

Jeff is the only son of his mother and biological father has been linked to his mother and his father in the teen and soon discovered that it did not improve the choice and left his father and moved to another place to raise him

After that, his mother married another man who was able to embrace Jeff and give him the family title and became the real parent of Jeff and the one who raised him.

Jeff was a normal child at the time of his studies, but at the secondary level he was able to get a scholarship to enter the College of Engineering, a computer department and a software specialist, but this study was not his dream, he was fascinated by space science and everything related to it.

Jeff graduated from the university and then worked as a cleaning worker at the McDonald’s chain of restaurants. He even says that his first day at the restaurant cleaned up many walls that had a lot of ketchup and then left the restaurant and worked in many jobs until he came to be the vice president of ” Trust “was the youngest of the took over the post.

He got it at the age of twenty-six years, and has also worked in the field of the stock market.

But there was always something inside him that told him that there was something he could create and give so many of those jobs. After a deep thought, he returned to his village and decided to start his life project, which was then, in 1995, a fantasy.

Because his idea was simply to work through a site with special specifications specialized in the sale and purchase.

Jeff has worked to persuade many investors to support him for such a site, but his idea has not been accepted by businessmen and business owners.

His mother and his adoptive father would only give him a sum of money to set up what he needed from programmers to design the site to suit his nature as an e-store.

And five years later and think about all the services that the site can offer, which is unprecedented in any other site.

Such as photographing products in a certain, new and professional way to highlight their own specifications and delivery service

Amazon launched the first site programmed for the use of credit cards and cards.

In 2001, Jeff was offered offers from investors from around the world to contract the site to showcase goods, services and all kinds of products.

Jeff’s idea was basically to sell old e-books, but as circumstances changed, the idea changed to become the most famous Web site.

How Jeff Bezos is classified in the world of the wealthy

Jeff is a wealthy Internet entrepreneur who has managed to make a fortune of just $ 20 billion by working online

This is not generally classified in the world of money with another fortune estimated at ninety billion dollars, and leads Jeff list of the richest man in the world

It ousts Bill Gates, who has been at the top of the list of the world’s rich for at least twenty years, according to the Forbes World’s Billionaires list.

Factors that led to the success of the Amazon

New Thought and Innovation Since the beginning of the idea to launch the site to this day, the site has created the idea of ​​the reader of the books “Kindle

As well as the “Robots” in the processing of orders

He also used drones to deliver orders to users, and there is currently a system will launch smart physical stores.

Customer satisfaction is the goal of the site, it may happen that the product arrives by mistake is different from what the user has requested. The site law allows the user to keep the product that he accidentally connected with the right product without paying anything and the site may return the money you paid as an apology for the error. is the only site where Jeff Bezos can read and respond to any complaints from users to the highest level of user comfort.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Is The Richest Person In The World!
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