9 Types Of Customers and How to Handle Each of Them Successfully

The client knows that he is the person that serves the institution, so it is the cornerstone of it, and the primary responsibility for its success or failure, so the institutions are seeking during its establishment to define its objectives and services in accordance with the nature of the client and the nature of the services he requests. It requires acquiring the skill of dealing with each type, and in parallel profits review article we will introduce you to the types of customers and how to deal with them.

Types of customers and how to deal with them

Types of customers and how to deal with them

Every company encounters these 9 Types Of Customers at some point during business. Here’s how to interact with them effectively and gracefully.

The Passive Client

Passive Customer Attributes:

✦ Adaptive, moody and shy.
✦ Ask many questions.
✦ Listen attentively.
✦ The slow pace of determination, whether by decision or by answer.
✦ Lack of concentration, and slow absorption, for the preoccupation of his mind to think of more than one subject.
✦ The belief that the interaction of the service provider with him limits the seriousness of his decision.

How to deal with a passive customer:

✦ Be patient when dealing with this type of customer, while trying to ask why the delay in the decision.
✦ Prefer not to force him to something he does not want.
✦ It is advised to keep him in sync, and help him to achieve what he wants.
✦ Evidence must be provided to convince him.

The Skeptical Clients

Characteristics of the skeptical Client:

✦ Is suspicious and uncertain of the service provider, and requests evidence
✦ seems mocking in a modern way
✦ seems difficult to see, making it more difficult to deal with.
✦ It is difficult for him to determine what he wants.

How to deal with a skeptical Client:

✦ Avoid arguing.
✦ Try to find out the reasons for doubt, and waste it to gain confidence.

The Gossip Client

Characteristics of the gossipy client:

✦ Much talk, sometimes without interest.
✦ praises, seems faceless.
✦ Attempts to draw attention to his speech.
✦ Talks about many things at the same time.

How to deal with the gossipy client:

✦ Be cautious when handling it.
✦ prefers to hold the talk.
✦ It is advisable to give him enough time to speak what he wants.
✦ Prefers to attract his speech towards the subject.
✦ Prefer to show gratitude for his suggestions.
✦ It is recommended that his opinions be approved if they are correct.

The Arrogant Client

Characteristics of the arrogant client:

✦ sees that others are forced to wait for him.
✦ sees himself as distinct, dominant, and confident.
✦ seems impatient.
✦ do not listen to talk, try to interrupt.
✦ hinders the continuity of work, claiming that it surrounds knowledge of all things.

How to deal with the arrogant client:

✦ Be advised to end the transaction with him in a short time.
✦ prefers to notify him of its importance.
✦ It is recommended to be smooth.
✦ Prefer to give approval at the beginning, then talk to him about your position.

The Hesitant Client

Characteristics of the hesitant client:

✦ My ability to make decisions.
✦ hesitant, and not strict.
✦ Difficulty taking an answer.
✦ The difficulty of stability on a position or opinion.

How to deal with the Hesitant Client:

✦ It is preferable to select the options displayed.
✦ It is advisable to discuss it in a way that shows that his opinion is illogical.
✦ Prefer to notice that talking to him is not a waste of time, and would like to thank him.

The Angry Client

Characteristics of the angry client:

✦ provokes quickly, and pours.
✦ Wanna hurt others, and enjoy harming them.
✦ The service provider is having trouble dealing with it and trying to satisfy it.
✦ tends to attack others.

How to deal with an angry client:

✦ Treat wisely, patiently, patiently.
✦ try to digest his anger.
✦ Stay away from the argument, while trying to prove the evidence and proof.

The Scenes Client

Characteristics of The Scenes Client:

✦ Do not want anything specific.
✦ Desires to review the services or goods offered.
✦ Prefer not to monitor, and attention at the same time.

How to deal with The Scenes Client:

✦ Avoid casting interest and focus on it.
✦ Attempt to raise his attention, and interest.
✦ Welcome it.
✦ Notify him that the service he is looking for is available.

The Stubborn Client

Attributes The Stubborn Client:

✦ seems active, positive, and independent.
✦ Make his decision alone, and stick to it.
✦ avoids experimenting with new things.

How to deal with The Stubborn Client:

✦ He must be treated with respect and appreciation of his intelligence.
✦ Prefer to ask for help in making new suggestions.
✦ It is recommended to show interest in it.

The Silent / Thinker Client

Characteristics of The Silent / Thinker Client:

✦ seems calm while talking.
✦ Listen to talk a lot.
✦ The service provider has difficulty identifying its ideas.
✦ Make comparisons between the proposed options, trying to determine his position.

How to deal with The Silent / Thinker Client:

✦ Provide correct data.
✦ Serious in talking to him.
✦ treatment with respect and reverence.
✦ Providing facts and adopting analytical reasoning.

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