Marketing Storytelling: Why It’s Important For Your Business In 2019

In 2009, Rob Walker _ Joshua Glen wanted two journalists to find out how storytelling could be the greatest marketing tool ever. By buying 200 eBay items, the average price per purpose was $ 1, Contributing writers can create short fictional stories about those purposes, to be published with the parallel profits product image in the description box, and the result is that those items were sold for $8,000 in total.

This literary and anthropological experience has shown that storytelling has a profound impact on marketing and sales. Marketers need to always look for stories about the products and services that make consumers want things and want to buy them.

In 2018 storytelling became one of the most powerful forms of content marketing, why should marketers use storytelling in marketing? We will know in this article:

1. Stories Help Build Brand Awareness

brand storytelling

Steve Jobs is one of the greatest storytellers of entrepreneurs. Every time Apple launches a new product, Jobs always strives to weave stories about Apple’s products. Intimate and exciting, before that made the man from the story of the founding of Apple and the story of the choice of slogan heritage can not be forgotten by customers easily, making Apple and decades dominate the era of information technology and smart devices.

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller, the storyteller makes the vision, values and agenda of a whole new generation coming,” says Steve Jobs.

All products and services are designed to help solve customer problems. This in itself is a story that can be told to enhance brand identity. If you offer your brand without explaining the problem you are solving closely, you will have lost an opportunity to show the audience a voice. Your brand image tells a story about how your product or service helps customers overcome challenges with realistic, real-world scenarios that will make it easier for them to see how and why your products fit their needs, and how to help your brand improve their lives for the better.

2. Stories are more persuasive in marketing

Research stories show that when someone tells a story, the parts of the brain are illuminated by both storyteller and listener. When you present a great story about a product or service, you will provide a convincing reason for consumers to buy from you.

A 2007 study at the Wharton School of Business found that when participants were asked to collect donations at a call center, those who were told how their profits would improve the lives of others earned more than double the group that did not.

The story is the key to gaining consumer confidence, because it forms a connection with your business that helps shape consumer imagination and build memories about your brand that can not be forgotten.

Business stories are used by companies to build a relationship with customers. When you talk about how an event related to your business affects you, what you learn, and what services or products you provide to your audience, you create an immediate response that makes your story memorable and widely shared.

3 – Give your product value

Give your product value

The value of the product lies in the story associated with it. Exceptional stories can also transform something worthless into something important. The services and products may be similar in the market, but what will differentiate and give them a unique value is the story they will be woven around. Your services or products will immediately remember your brand and will only consider buying from you.

In addition to the value that a storyboard puts on your products, it gives them vitality, colors and meaning. Instead of listing the benefits of your products and services in a large and boring text, you can tell your audience how they will benefit from your presentation through a short and interesting story. Of features and facts, because they will understand why they need your product and will be ready to deal with your brand in the long term.

4. Helps you build relationships with customers

The most powerful stories in marketing revolve around people’s feelings, faithfully connecting them with long-term brand loyalty, and helping them to believe in business activity and what they represent on the market.

Storytelling allows marketers to develop a deeper relationship with the audience because they love stories that are associated with people who share the same problems and want the same solutions, so your brand becomes an attractive option when they see how others are using it.

Using storytelling in marketing You do not try to convince the audience to buy your products directly, but you only share with them a unique experience and story and then leave the decision in front of them to take the action they see fit. Customers will be happier when making a purchase when they feel they are making the choice.

Storytelling is the backbone of strong marketing strategies. It can have an amazing impact on your business, such as turning your brand into a heritage, building a strong marketing strategy, generating revenue, and gaining loyalty and public affection.

The most successful companies in the world have deep stories that are not just behind each product, but behind its establishment, identity and logo, and are often deeply linked to the beginnings of its founders, building a deeper sense of purpose and meaning in their work.

Do you have a story about your brand or products?

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Marketing Storytelling: Why It's Important For Your Business In 2019
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