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Whether it’s a local beauty salon down the road, a dentist wanting more customers or even the largest Real estate dealership in your area, they all understand one golden formula that will make them more money.

More Leads = More Sales = More Money!

More Leads = More Sales = More Money!

However, generating leads is the #1 struggle for businesses around the world.

In fact, many businesses spend a fortune to rent expensive advertising agencies to assist them with their lead generation problem, but still end up generating ZERO results!

Finally, after 14 years and being in over a dozen industries, we’ve innovated a bullet-proof system that creates a win-win scenario for both individuals like you who wants to create an income online and for businesses who are dying to pay up to $50 per lead – just to get someone interested in their products and services!

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LeadsHunter FAQ

Can I Do This Anywhere Around The World?

YES! As long as you have access to a computer with an Internet connection, you are able to dropship leads for your business or for others who are looking to generate leads!

How Do I Become A Certified LeadsHunter?

After you complete the entire training and the 7 Week Live Coaching With Fred Lam, you can take a LeadsHunter Certification Exam. Once you successfully passed the exam, you will be designated the title as a Certified LeadsHunter. You will then be listed in our LeadsHunter Directory so that you can potentially get hired by businesses who are looking for lead generation service.

Is There Any Future Investment I Need To Make?

If we tell you no, that’s a lie. Just like any other business models, you will need a small amount of further investment to get started. You will definitely need to invest in running ads. You can start with $20 a day or as aggressive as $500 a day – it is all up to you and you have full control over your ad spend.

What Is The cancellation Policy?

If you’re already looking for the cancellation policy, then we encourage you NOT to join LeadsHunter. We are not trying to be offensive in any way as we would love you to join but if you’re already in the mindset to quit then you will not succeed. That said, there is a 3-day cancellation policy if you change your mind.

How Long wILL it Take To Get Resuts from This Program?

This depends on how fast you are able to go through the program, how fast you take action and apply what you’ve learned into your business. Some people may see results as quickly as the first week of implementing and others may take a longer time.


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7 Secrets to Winning Customers and Growing Your Business

Modern Marketing Strategies To Attract Customers NOW

We have prepared for you the best strategies for attracting leads and converting them into real customers, in an easy way that does not include any kind of intrusion.

1- Familiarize yourself with the target persona typical client

The first step to start applying customer acquisition techniques is to analyze the typical client characteristics well. Defining the traits of an ideal consumer is essential to preparing personalized content that meets the needs of this ideal and stereotypical audience.

To get a good idea of ​​the target customer, analyze the way he behaves, his desires and the pain he suffers with by using tools like web analytics and doing a lot of research.

From now, it is time to think of solutions to help a potential consumer solve his problems. If your brand is able to provide solutions within expectations, you will be able to achieve great success, not only in terms of winning potential customers, but also mainly in sales.

2- Provide good content

Having space for marketing and selling products is important, but it is essential that you have a channel to promote important content, and creating a blog is an excellent way to be able to achieve this.

Entrepreneurs who focus only on showing their product and brand are able to make a lower impact than those people who focus on providing high-quality content and add value to the lives of their customers and customers.

People are fleeing companies that make spam a way to spread spam. They are increasingly looking for brands interested in hearing their needs, providing solutions for them, and always present in a way that is not considered intrusive in their lives.

The blog is one of the best places to prepare high-quality content. It represents the company and conveys an impression of power to readers.

Maintaining a blog in constant updating and providing good and well-written articles that, of course, offer clients solutions is a great way to internal marketing.

(Also Read: Customer Satisfaction – What is it? Definition, Examples And More).

3- Send email messages that are not intrusive

Winning customers should always be a pursuit. Even customers who have made purchases should always be interested in the entrepreneur.

One way to keep in touch with the customer is to send email. A marketing email, if used appropriately, is a way to help you gain customer loyalty and increase your chances of getting a higher return.

None of us likes to receive emails that are never related to his interests, and never ask for them. So it never works well to flood customers with a flood of spam-filled emails, which are only interested in always selling the corporate image.

The basic advice for you in sending these messages is for the customer to be able to access high-quality content, and obtain important and customized information that is appropriate for his or her own character.

4- Provide advice on YouTube

For anyone who is wondering how to win customers, YouTube seems a good tool for that. This video distribution and publishing platform has become a lot essential for business, as it provides access to an unlimited number of customers, and YouTube is the second largest search engine used in the world, provided by Google!

The videos that contain the advice of the essence of marketing are attractive to customers: here the focus is not on selling a product, but on showing customers solutions that help him get rid of his pain and problems. This is how he interacts a lot with the content, and as of this he will seek the brand that provided him with this.

It is very easy to sell to a customer who knows what he wants to buy, and where to buy it.

5- Interact on social media

Social networks are great tools to advance your sales, without any doubt. But there are many people who take advantage of this space in incorrect ways ..

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter should act as a link between customers and the brand.

Promoting the product within these channels is permissible, but without being overrated. The focus should be on the company communicating with customers, answering all their questions, problems and pain as well as providing practical solutions for them.

But beware, social networks cannot turn into a section concerned with the most frequently asked questions, i.e. they should not be a place that only contains a question and an answer.

As networks are places for entertainment, users want to find more art and personalization in their posts. To achieve the maximum benefit from these channels, it is indispensable to prepare important content, but at the same time it must be less formal, if that is compatible with the character of the target customer persona.

Among the many benefits that social networks offer, we can read comments, send messages and share content instantly with celebrities and followers.

6- Create informative materials

Also in the important content product line, it is imperative that your brand is not limited to traditional formats, such as text and videos. Preparing digital books and infographic models can make your content gain great distinction when gaining power and becoming a reference in a subject.

An important advice is to provide these rich and rich materials to customers in a free way, in exchange for taking specific actions, such as filling out a form. This way everyone wins!

The e-book allows you to transfer deep content on a specific topic. It provides customers with a set of important information, which can be consumed exclusively via cellular devices as well (in digital format).

Infographic models help turn the visual sense instantly, as well as the customer’s attention. Through the use of colors, images and graphics, information is conveyed in an easier way than traditional articles.

7- Provide promotional offers

Remember that in order to sell more, it is not always necessary to use the selling language. Advertising campaigns and intrusive strategies do not work much on the Internet, so now consumers have more options regarding service providers themselves.

One strategy that works well to win customers is to offer promotional offers and new things as possible.

If your brand is able to always exist in the lives of customers, they will seek to acquire its products in a free manner, and with an absolute desire.

Promotional offers have a lot of interaction with the brand, and it is one of the best ways to win new customers, as well as contribute to maintaining the loyalty of existing customers.

But don’t overdo it! Always strive to be creative and provide something really useful to customers.

Always focus on the bait that causes the customer to interact, for example: select three friends with this link and win a 10% discount, and pay close attention as this type of content may be subject to penalties.

Take time to promote an action that encourages the start of a real dialogue, and stimulates the interaction of your potential buyers.


These were the primary strategies in Inbound Marketing in order to win customers.

With the use of these technologies and tools, it can win more customers, thus achieving more sales and spending less money.

We have presented here some simple strategies, but they work very differently from traditional marketing, as it provides more independence to the customer.

If you start with these seven tips, it will be much easier for you to apply other complementary techniques in order to win customers in greater numbers to your business.

Do you want to know more about this topic? >> Join Fred Lam In A 7-Week Coaching Program And Become A Certified LeadsHunter.

We would like to know your opinion on this topic! Have you had an experience with that? How did you work to win more customers? You can tell us about that in the comments space!

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