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If you are reading this review at the moment then there might be two things that brought you here. First, you might have heard about the all-new KBB. Also known as the Knowledge Business Blueprint business. Model and you are just curious to know what it is.

The second reason might be a referral of your friend or some relative. Who suggested you be a part of KBB. So now you just want to learn the basics of this program and you want to know whether. It’s going to be worthy of your time or not.

Well, no matter what the case is if you are here to know about KBB and if you want an honest review on this business model then yes. You are in the right place, reading the right article. Today we are going to jot down every single thing.

That you should know about the Knowledge Business Blueprint. So, make sure to take notes of what we are about to tell you because this review can actually change your life to a. Whole another level and you might as well make a career out of it.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint-Everything You Need To Know

What Is The Knowledge Business Blueprint?

For starters, we all know the fact that there are a lot of business models out there that work. Long story short, every single business has a success story to tell because it takes some real time efforts. Some struggle and some sweat to turn a startup into a successful operational business.

Most importantly, once a business is successful, every entrepreneur and every business owner likes to share his success story with the world. So why not give them a proper platform in the first place? Think about it?

Wouldn’t it be great if there is a proper platform? Where successful people, business owners, and entrepreneurs can genuinely interact with one another and the world to share their ideas. Their strategies, and their knowledge? In a nutshell, a platform where the masterminds can brainstorm together would be great and well that’s exactly what KBB is.

Yes! You read it right, the Knowledge Business Blueprint is a mastermind group that is created by three of the major successful entrepreneurs Dean Graziosi, Russell Brunson, and Tony Robbins. It’s not only a mastermind group.

That has been created by these three books, in fact, but KBB also comes with a Mindmint Software that helps other people too to create their own mastermind groups and together make the world a better place to live in with new business ideas and new strategies that actually work.

You won’t believe that Tony and Dean together made an investment of $500,000 on the Mind mind software so yes, you can definitely expect something big out of this setup.

Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Why Do You Need Masterminds When You Have The Web?

Now, this no doubt is a legit question that why would someone opt for a mastermind program or a piece of advice from a successful entrepreneur when the web is already full of information and suggestions? Well, if you too have this question in your mind then you have to listen to us care what we are about to tell you.

You see there are a lot of coaching programs out there are no doubt are useful to some extent but if you are looking for some real time training, if you believe in brainstorming and if you really want to interact with people who made a struggle to reach.

Where they are today then you need to opt for the all new and innovative KBB Program. You see the training and coaching programs you come across on the internet always have something missing in them.

But when it comes to KBB, nothing is missing as you will be interacting with the real-time entrepreneurs and business owners who will help you find and explore different strategies and tactics to make your business or your startup successful.

Not only this, in fact, as said earlier, this program comes with the Mindmint software that is solely created for those who want to start their own mastermind groups.

So, one cannot just compare KBB with the ordinary coaching programs on the internet because believe it or not, KBB is not ordinary and once you start using it, you will then see the results on your own.

What’s KBB & The Mindmint Software about?

Tony and Dean are two extremely successful entrepreneurs and KBB is all about them and the other successful business owners sharing their tips and tricks that worked for them for their business. KBB will also help you in making your own mastermind platform where you can share your success story and talk about it to grow your digital business.

None can deny the fact that KBB is one powerful formula that can do wonders to you and your startup. Moreover, one cannot just beat the expertise and experience of three different business owners who combined have 60 years of online experience.

Let’s take it this way, you see a single mastermind can do great things and there’s no doubt in this fact but if you combine two masterminds, they can together do wonders to the world and to the online business industry.

Two masterminds can together come up with strategies and tactics that can be innovative to a whole another level and that’s exactly what KBB is. It’s a platform where the masterminds of the online world combine and brainstorm together to help one another grow and to help in teaching the other people who are running startups on how to be successful.

How Can You Make Your Own Mastermind Group?

The question of the hour is how exactly can you make a mastermind group of your own using the Knowledge Business Blueprint.

Well, if you want to know the steps that are involved then yes, you are in the right place, reading the right article. Here’s how KBB works for those who want their own mastermind group.

Mastermind Group

1-Selection Of Your Topic

You first need to select a topic that you excel in. It can be anything but you just have to make sure that you are being as specific as you can be.

You are supposed to have your skills in accordance with the topic you choose and even before that you need to be sure that you have enough in-depth knowledge about the topic so that you can showcase yourself and the knowledge you have in front of the other people.

2-Calling The Members

The next step you need to follow is to call the members, as much as you can. You need followers and you need people who are interested in the same topic as you are. You need to look for people who have the same interests and the same mindset too and once you find these people, you then have to send out invites to them. The larger your group will be, the more masterminds you will have and that’s exactly what you need to grow your digital business.

3-Make Your Rules

To proceed with the group, you need to make sure that you have your own set of rules. You see, you are creating the group in the first place so that it can be useful, operational and beneficial for your audience and for that you are the one who has to make the rules of the group so that the rest of the people can follow those rules and grow your group.

4-Setting Schedules

The last step is to set schedules and this no doubt is the core of Knowledge Business Blueprint. You need to see what time suits everyone and what’s the best time to set a meeting. That meeting will be the one thing that decides where your mastermind group is heading to.

Moreover, don’t worry because if you face any difficulty in making your own group, you can just use the Mindmint software that efficient, effective and it can double the outcome too that you have been expecting.

This is the step by step procedure that is supposed to be followed if you want to make a mastermind group of your own. Just follow the above steps, take some Mindmint help and we assure you that you will end up with a great group that is useful for everyone.

The Knowledge Business Blueprint Kit

The KBB kit comes with the KBB course and on top of that, you will get the access to the Mindmint software which is an additional tool that will help you with the creation of your own mastermind group. As said earlier, this program can do wonders to you and your business so yes, you should definitely give it a shot and we assure you that you will love the results.

Reasons Why You Should Join KBB?

You are new to KBB and you haven’t started using it so questioning its benefits is quite normal. Honestly, if you ask us, there are numerous benefits associated with Knowledge Business Blueprint and we are now going to jot down some of them right in front of you.


There’s never “enough” knowledge one can attain and no matter how experienced you are, you cannot just cover all the knowledge and information of the world which is where Knowledge Business Blueprint comes in handy. With the help of KBB, you will be able to grow as a business but even before that, the biggest benefit of this business model is new knowledge. When you meet different masterminds of your field, you will learn more and the more you learn, the better it will be for your business.

2-Expert Advice

Every business and every startup requires some expert advice because you cannot just Google everything and start implementing it. There are rules, some regulations and you need to interact with an experienced person of your field who knows how to run the business you are in. So, again, this is where KBB comes in handy, this business model will do wonders to you and here you will get some top-notch expert advice that will change your life and your business too.


You see there is a limit to what the human brain can think. Yes, you can be the most creative person possible but you will have a certain limit when it comes to coming up with new and innovative ideas. Now, when you become a part of KBB, you will have versatile ideas right in front of you, you will have the pros and cons of each idea that you choose and this is probably the best part about the KBB business model.


Connecting with one another is the key to success and no one can deny this fact. Especially when you are in the online business industry, you do know that connections matter a lot which is why you need to join Knowledge Business Blueprint. Here you will not be interacting with ordinary people. In fact, you will be making connections with entrepreneurs and professionals who are the experts of their particular fields.

Overall Verdict

Honestly, if you want our sincere advice then yes, we’d suggest you become a part of Knowledge Business Blueprint because this is going to be a life changing decision for you. You will learn more, you will get more ideas and you will meet different people who will guide you on how to run your business in the best and the most effective possible way.

KBB is a new idea in the market and you should give it a try because we are sure of the fact that you will see some real-time results with this business model and you are just going to love it!

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