How To Create an Online Marketing Plan To Grow Your Business in 2019

Internet Marketing is an opportunity for business owners to take the lead in the industry, helping to showcase brand experience and identify their product line, values ​​and culture. With billions of active users on the net every day, the Internet is a golden opportunity to attract and care for content that suits their needs.

Online marketing – when properly and strategically – can separate the Parallel Profits company that wants to move forward, those that will remain stuck in the past and old marketing methods, away from the fact that the Internet is a channel to boost sales. Companies that invest in online marketing prove that they are seeking to develop Performance and better service to its customers through its commitment to using technology and the latest strategies, how do these companies set goals and marketing plans for their business online? Let’s find out in this article.

Create an Online Marketing Plan

Having a digital marketing strategy is essential to the success of your business. Learn how to create an online marketing plan for your business

What are your goals?

Goal setting mainly helps you formulate the best online marketing methods in your marketing plan based on your business model. Identifying the right goals for web marketing is probably the most difficult and complex at this stage but it is an important stage to know what to do, what to ignore, What you need to focus on, and will help you demonstrate how effective your work is. The goals in short are what can help you measure the success of every effort you or your team makes.

Online marketing goals are likely to be categorized over a period of time, such as setting annual, quarterly, monthly, or even daily goals. Goals need to be specific, realistic, measurable, and time bound.

 If you’re looking to achieve your goals ideally, write goal summary for more clarity, set a number-based goal for any numerical value to work on.


Company: X

Year: 2019

Objective: Achieve 6% increase in sales each month.

Then, if you use the example above, the target rating stage is like this: attracting more visitors to your website, getting more visitors, turning them into potential customers, or getting more potential customers to convert to real customers.

 Select how long you think it will take to reach your goal. Do not forget to set a date for completion of tasks and commit to time, for example you will achieve your goals within three months and the date from which you start is the beginning of next month. Remember that another important step in the goal setting phase is to be aware of the obstacles you will face and to try to find ways to address them.

Here are some examples of marketing goals that you’ll probably need to work on:

– Spread and communicate with the public.
– Build your reputation and brand.
– Building mailing list.
– Build your blog audience.
– Building brand awareness
– Increase Sales
– customers service

What is your plan?

If you do not equip yourself with the right plan for your marketing efforts, which will help you move your business to the next level, the goals will remain mere goals on paper. Your marketing plan may be included in your overall business plan, but the online marketing plan is: To successfully promote your business online, here are some things that will help you plan well:

Understand the nature of your business well

It is important that you understand the internal and external environment, what type of company, what are their values ​​and culture, what products or services are you in? Which you sell and do not sell; what changes in customer patterns and trends, and expected cost increases in the event of unexpected changes or cost increases, you’ll need to know why.

 You can also conduct a SWOT analysis – which will separate your strengths and weaknesses as a business, as well as any growth opportunities or threats that may hinder any progress.

Understand the target market

The concept of target market is frequently used, but if you do not understand the environment in which the battle to win customers will be, what is the other important thing? Understanding the market is a key element in achieving effective and successful marketing strategies. In a highly competitive arena, a well-defined target market is more important than ever, and no one can target everyone.

In this part of your marketing plan, you should add anything and everything you know about your potential ideal customer, including basic demographic information such as age, geographic location, gender, level of education, income level, marital status, lifestyle etc. Also deepen their behavior and decisions; why do they buy from you? What is your problem? How do they spend their free time? What outlets do they use to access information?

Check out the competitors

A necessary step in order to be familiar with what is happening in the market is to seek to analyze current and potential competition. You may need two ways to understand competitors. The first is to monitor the market from the customer’s point of view and collect all the information about how your competitors are dealing with customers how they deal with the market.

The second way is to monitor and understand competitors according to their different competitive strategies, how they plan and how they implement, what motivates them, identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in the market, and strategies that will provide you with a clear vision of how to work.

Select an online marketing budget

It takes some time to prepare your budget, but once you’re done, you’ll be aware of every penny spent on the marketing process, although online marketing is less expensive than traditional marketing, but marketing budgeting for marketing activities is essential. Spend on marketing and promotion within a certain time period, three months, six months, next year..,and tactics that you can afford.

Many companies plan their marketing budget based on what you spent the previous year and how much you intend to spend on marketing this year, an ideal way to measure the results of your sales goals and avoid spending too much wasted effort.

The channels you use in your online marketing plan

Will include a marketing plan online list of marketing channels that you will use to address your customers via the World Wide Web, which will publish the content which educates the customers you have, and generates potential customers, and spread awareness of your brand, here are some ideas for marketing channels that you will use in your marketing plan online:

Google windows

It’s hard not to think of Google When talking about the best online marketing strategies used by brands, Google accounts for the lion’s share among other search engines where 4.5 billion searches per day are conducted.

Businesses use Google search to enhance their online marketing presence. Google Maps, Google Reviews and Google Ads are an integral part of the most widely used and popular search advertising tools. These three Google services dominate about 33% of all online advertising you do Companies around the world without a clear competitor other than Facebook.

You need to be familiar with the list of the most important marketing tools that Google puts at your disposal to make sure that your business takes full advantage of everything Google offers.

Email marketing

The email marketing service enables you to publish information about your new products and promotions while driving traffic to your Parallel Profits website.

Uber is a great example of using e-mail marketing over and over again to reach customers and promote their business. Ober uses the best e-mail marketing techniques, using their customers’ geographic data, to divide e-mail lists based on geographic regions, Target customers with promotional emails directly before or during a busy event in that city, and distribute email messages to customers based on their usage of the app, more loyal customers get more Bonuses,

This great tactic is one of the best online marketing methods companies use to increase sales and keep customers on the long run.

Website Marketing

All companies invest heavily in online presence. The website is the main portal for any company on the web, the most reliable tool for customers to connect with the company, and the main source of information and news. Customers search for products on a daily basis and if you want to gain market share, Improve search engines by using keywords to describe products or services. You need to invest in content marketing by creating a blog on your site that answers customer questions, helps them solve their problems, and seeks to educate them with useful, entertaining information. e.

Marketing through social networks

What business activity can exclude social networking marketing from its marketing plan in an age where nearly one-third of the world’s population uses social networking?

According to statistics (Statista), in 2019, it is estimated that there will be about 2.77 billion users of social networks around the world, so the scene of marketing through social networks is now not complete without the company’s special accounts on platforms such as Facebook, linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and others …

Should be specific and smart in choosing the right network for your business, characterized by a social network of a specific audience of a particular type of favorite content, B2B companies achieve more success on LinkedIn platform that snapchat and, by contrast flourish creative companies with visual focus, such as Instagram and YouTube platforms … etc.

Online Customer Service

Zappos, the leading online shoe retailer that sets high standards for online customer service, does not provide Zapos a refund guarantee for only 365 days; it also supports free shipping in two ways, if consumers decide to return products purchased on the site or replaced as a result, no Zappos has to work hard to market its presence across the media. Its very attractive customer service policies ensure that they compete to compliment the company and recommend it in a superb viral way across the web.

Social listening online

Being a brand that promotes online services or products is not enough to stay ahead of the competition. Keeping customers and trusting them is the key to success in the long-term social networking marketing plan,

The airline understands Southwest Airlines well, so it not only exists online by promoting its services but focuses on customer interest, satisfaction and loyalty, the airline uses all channels of online marketing (e-mail or social media channels) ) To hear what customers are saying about them online, this strategy is called “social listening.”

 By listening to what customers are saying about them through social networking sites and other sites, Southwest turns what customers say, whether positive or negative, into an opportunity to deliver beyond user expectations, which the company has mastered well, so no matter which marketing tactic you use , Maintaining and maintaining customers needs to be one of the best online marketing techniques you can use to ensure a growing business.

Marketing by influencers

Effective marketing is a form of online marketing where the focus is on influencing people rather than the target market as a whole, identifying individuals who have an impact on potential customers, and directing marketing activities around these influencers.

Many brands continue to invest in marketing by influencers. Nike is the world’s largest example of the use of marketing by influencers. It captures captivating stories about its brand, using celebrities in sports, especially magazines, to tell stories of their struggles and successes.

The company uses this form as their best way to market online and launch its new product line. In the promotion of VaporFly Elite shoes, Nike has invited three marathon runners to try to overcome all odds and break the record in the two-hour marathon.

With the live broadcast of the challenge across Nike’s social channels, The Hashtag #Breaking2 has earned 2 trillion impressions, thanks to the use of important marketing that has contributed to impressive results, Nike then also collaborated with National Geographic to create a documentary film about runners record runners.

When you set your goals accurately, and develop an online marketing plan you should know clearly when you will start? How will it start? What resources will help you plan the plan, get the best e-marketing services from the best marketing experts to promote your brand, and build strong and integrated marketing strategies for your company.

Tell us in comments about your goals and online marketing plans!

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