French Attraction Review By Tonio Macy – Does It Really Work?

French Attraction Review – Tonio Macy’s Journey from Homeless to Millionaire! What Is The French Attraction? Is It Worth Your Money? How French Attraction Works? What to Know BEFORE You Buy..

Product Name: 🇫🇷 The French Attraction 🇫🇷
Product Creators: Tonio Macy
Who can use: People who suffer from problems like depression, financial stress, etc.,
French Attraction benefits: Evaluation of your inner self and your subconscious for better living
Official website: Visit Official Website here » CLICK HERE
Bonuses: Yes
Skill Needed: No prior special needed.
Recommend: Yes, Very highly Recommended.

French Attraction

French Attraction

The French Attraction is a new book from Tonio Macy that will act as your guide to help you create neural connections with the world around you. When you read the French Attraction Guide, you will find that it gives you an insight into the world around you and your subconscious. If you feel depressed or isolated, it is crucial to connect with the world around you.

But for many people, it is difficult to do so, especially if you are faced with financial problems.

The French Attraction e-book will teach you rituals that you can complete in a matter of twelve minutes. Thus, the French Attraction guide will help you overcome your depression and isolation, and financial problems.

The French Attraction By Tonio Macy

The French Attraction By Tonio Macy is a new online solution that promises to teach you the secrets to change your life.

Tonio Macy has been able to turn his life around with the help of these rituals routine. Having been brought up in an orphanage, Tonio Macy started living on the streets from seventeen. He never knew what it is to have a stable family.

Tonio Macy never thought that he could make anything of his life till he discovered the French Attraction ebook rituals. It was like a higher calling that helped him turn his life around. His life is now fulfilled and enriched.

What Toni Macy discovered was that it is our mind that influences matter, and we need to connect with our subconscious. It helped him manifest what he wanted and overcome his state of poverty and depression.

The Secrets of the Subconscious By Tonio Macy

How do I address the subconscious mind? What is the subconscious mind and how do I use the power of my subconscious mind? What is the importance of talking with the subconscious mind? What is the way to address the subconscious mind? Learn to communicate with the subconscious, the relationship between the subconscious, repetition, and the basic rules for talking with the subconscious

Addressing the subconscious mind is one of the most important techniques of self-treatment and cognitive therapy, due to the strong impact of the messages we send to our subconscious mind, which may control the course of our lives and the way we interact with different situations.

With our growing awareness of how the subconscious mind operates and the way to communicate with our subconscious mind, and our growing awareness of the importance of talking with the subconscious mind and its impact on our lives; Self-development experts and psychologists have been able to access a set of techniques and rules that facilitate communication with the subconscious mind, and help the person to better understand himself and control the power of his subconscious mind.

In this guide, we answer a number of important questions about addressing the subconscious mind, including; How do I address my subconscious mind and communicate with it, and what is the way to address the subconscious mind? What is the relationship of the subconscious mind with repetition? How does talking to the subconscious affect our daily lives, our social relationships, and our ability to achieve goals? What are the basic rules in communicating with the subconscious mind? And other important questions and answers.

What is the subconscious mind?

We will try not to get into complicated definitions of the subconscious mind; For this, it can be said simply that the subconscious mind is the place in which experiences, experiences and ideas are preserved and disappear from our conscious mind so that only their effect remains. To get the correct reading, but these experiences that you have forgotten are actually present in your subconscious mind, while the conscious mind deals with the result or output of these experiences, see also our article on the subconscious mind.

Brian Tracy – one of the most important self-development coaches in the world – says that the subconscious mind stores data throughout our lives and throughout the day without resting, and the subconscious mind ensures that our behavior is consistent with the thoughts, emotions, experiences, hopes and desires that it previously stored If the conscious mind is a farmer, then the subconscious mind is the field that receives seeds and gives us fruits, and if we reconsider a little about this important role played by the subconscious mind, we will also understand the importance of the messages that we send to the subconscious mind, and the impact of addressing the subconscious mind on our lives as a whole.

How to operate the subconscious mind?

How do I use the power of the subconscious mind? How do I benefit from the subconscious mind?

The question about “how to operate the subconscious mind” is a great fallacy, because the subconscious mind does not stop, it works throughout the day even during sleep, but rather it activates during sleep in a complex process of retrieving, arranging and linking data together, and the subconscious mind is actually responsible On regulating breathing, body temperature, heart rate, chemical processes, and coordinating the body’s processes together in wakefulness and sleep; Therefore, the correct question is: How do I benefit from the subconscious mind, or how do I take advantage of the power of the subconscious mind?

Here comes the importance of communicating with the subconscious mind correctly, as communicating with the subconscious mind is the only and sure way to benefit from the power of the subconscious mind and employ the subconscious mind to work to achieve our various goals.

Communication here does not mean talking only despite the fact that speech and verbal messages are very important, but it also means arranging habits, experiences, and other techniques that fall within the framework of addressing the subconscious, which we will learn about more in the coming paragraphs.

How to address the subconscious mind?

How do I communicate with the subconscious mind? How do I address the subconscious mind? What are the rules for addressing the subconscious mind that activate the power of our inner mind?

As we mentioned, communication with the subconscious mind is not only linguistic, but there are many things that fall into this framework, and the most important thing to realize here is that the subconscious mind does not think independently, meaning that the conscious mind is the entrance to the subconscious mind, where the subconscious mind receives orders And messages from the conscious mind and works to employ and coordinate them so that our behavior is appropriate and compatible with these messages and information, but at the same time communication with the subconscious mind is not easy, because it does not receive information we tell it without negative or positive feelings, and negative shipments are usually more powerful on the subconscious mind. of the positive.

Here are the most important rules for communicating with the subconscious mind or addressing and influencing the subconscious mind:

Stop Negative Talk and Control Negative Emotions:

The first thing to do in the journey of communicating with the subconscious mind is to control negative feelings as much as possible and to control negative self-talk, as the subconscious mind is greatly affected by strong and deep feelings, and records and consolidates negative speech and makes it more powerful and influential on our lives and thoughts.

One of the beautiful examples of the way the subconscious mind deals with negative speech is that the subconscious mind is like a guardian angel that follows you. “…etc., and then at the end of the day he works to fulfill your desires that he received in the form of emotionally charged messages. In a future paragraph, we will talk more about techniques for controlling the subconscious mind and negative thoughts.

The Subconscious Mind, Repetition and the Concept of Positive Affirmations:

Positive affirmations are part of the language of the brain, and they are a set of phrases and messages that we repeat to encourage and raise entitlement. There are many books and literature that dealt with the issue of positive affirmations and how they work. The advantages of positive affirmations can be identified as follows:

  • Positive affirmations must be absolutely positive. Positive affirmations do not contain negation or conjecture such as “No, but, will not, perhaps…etc.” Rather, they contain absolutely positive words.
  • Positive affirmations use the present tense, so all intentions are weak affirmations (beginning with will, may, will, be…etc).
  • Positive affirmations are not speculative. All statements that contain suspicion or hesitation weaken the positive messages of the subconscious mind.

Raising self-entitlement in addressing the subconscious mind:

Achieving a correct and positive discourse with the subconscious mind requires high self-confidence and needs to raise self-entitlement. Every time you think that you are not worthy or that you are not able; It sends a negative message to your subconscious mind that prevents it from prompting you to change or opening your eyes to new opportunities.

Therefore, you must work to raise eligibility by various means, through hidden and verbal messages and self-talk, and through small achievements that pave the way for great achievements, and through the use of writing, imagination and visualization. Read more about methods of raising eligibility and self-confidence.

Specific goals in communication with the subconscious:

Thinking and planning goals is one of the functions of the awareness and not one of the functions of the subconscious mind, so when you want to address your subconscious mind, you must present it with clear and precise goals that you want to achieve, and it will seize these goals from you and help you pay more attention to the possible opportunities that help you achieve your goals, and help you to Invest your efforts optimally in order to reach your goal, and the more specific you are in addressing the subconscious mind, the more successful you will be by taking advantage of it.

The routine and comfort zone of the subconscious mind:

It can be said that the subconscious mind is always looking for the appropriate comfort zone for you, which is built by the usual routine. When you wake up every day and think about the troubles that will face you and start a routine wave of complaining; Your subconscious mind puts these thoughts or daily practice, if you will, into the comfort zone. It simply thinks that you are comfortable complaining every morning! It motivates you to repeat the experience every day, and it resists every attempt to stop complaining, because you have repeatedly told it that complaining is comfortable for you.

So what you should know is that your subconscious mind resists change by nature, and helps you stick to what you are because you previously told it that it is your comfort zone, and when you want to change, you must re-send messages to your subconscious mind to change its perception of the comfort zone, for example when you start a diet New You must suffer at first, but soon the subconscious mind understands that you are moving to a new comfort zone and helps you with that.

Your subconscious mind works even if you don’t address it directly:

What you should also know about the rules of addressing the subconscious mind is that the subconscious mind does its work anyway, whether you send him messages or try to communicate with your subconscious mind or neglect the idea; It works anyway, and everything you say or think is recorded and used to chart your behavior and interaction with life and the world around you, and here lies the importance of communicating with your subconscious mind to make it work for your benefit.

Your subconscious mind communicates with the world around you, not just with you:

You are not the only one who transmits messages to the subconscious mind, but everything you hear, read, or watch, and everything that is said to you or happens in front of you; They are all messages that reach the subconscious mind and use them in “programming the mind”, so you must be careful in dealing with criticism and negative people, be careful to choose what you want to watch and read, and be aware of the impact of external messages on the subconscious mind in a negative or positive way.

Techniques for communicating with the subconscious mind and controlling thoughts

In the search for how to communicate with the subconscious mind, there are dozens of techniques and methods, but the most important thing is to take into account the rules that we mentioned in the previous paragraph, which are the basics of addressing the subconscious mind, and we also offer you some of the most important and best methods of communication with the subconscious mind and controlling the messages that reach it:

Confronting the negative with the positive: There are many important techniques to counter negative thinking, the most prominent of which is the direct response. If you say, “I will not be able to convince the audience with my ideas,” launch a positive idea directly and try to be honest and expressive, “No.. I will convince them and the presentation will be impressive.”

For example, from the questions that were received on the French Attraction website, about the control of negative thoughts on the subconscious mind; A university graduate has been waiting for a job for seven years, and when her employment file was signed, she entered a cycle of negative thoughts that turned into a state of anxiety and depression as a result of negative messages to the subconscious mind. Fear and cowardice, I can’t…etc.”

Of course, our friend could have corrected the problem from the beginning by addressing negative thoughts and replacing them with positive messages, but now that she has reached the stage of depression, she needs psychological help, as advised by the expert on her website, Dr. Sara Al-Ansari.

Writing against negative thoughts: Writing is also an important technique for facing negative thoughts, especially chronic and persistent. If you think that you will fail in every job interview, it may be useful to write in a visible place “I will succeed in the next job interview.” Your subconscious mind will open your insight to the reasons for your failure in previous interviews and will help you to pass the next interview successfully. As for negative thinking, it pushes you to complacency and repeat failure.

The subconscious does not understand negation: this requires you to focus on what you want it to be and not what you do not want, meaning that if you want to use positive affirmations to change a behavior; You should avoid negations and use positive affirmations, because the subconscious mind treats negation as if it were an affirmation of the same behavior or idea.

Imagination and the subconscious mind: Imagination is one of the important techniques in communicating with the subconscious mind. For example, you can imagine your subconscious mind in the form of a large library that includes multiple and colorful files and workbooks, and here you activate the delete button, where you imagine that you are deleting the negative idea, and imagine how it is Removing the negative idea file and burning it or destroying it, and this applies to the introduction of positive thoughts to the subconscious mind. Daydreaming also plays a great role in communicating with the subconscious mind, and yoga and meditation exercises are also an excellent entrance to our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind and desire: You must have heard about the effect of determination and an unbridled desire to achieve goals. What actually happens is that when we go completely towards a goal and put it in mind; The subconscious mind fully mobilizes to achieve this desire, it helps us more than we think, when your goal, for example, is to excel in studies, the subconscious mind will help you focus and memorize, and will help you sleep fewer hours and in depth, and watch over the study, link information together, and retrieve it easily, but once If the conscious mind fidgets or sends an opposite message to the subconscious, the subconscious mind retracts its help and works towards the new desire!

Correspondence to the subconscious mind: One of the recommendations that human development trainers refer to is to send a written message to the subconscious mind, as if you are sending a message to a real person. And according to your desires and aspirations, but according to the rules of addressing the subconscious that we mentioned earlier.

Repetition and the subconscious mind: Whatever method you use in communicating with your subconscious mind, it must be repetitive. Insisting on the same idea and repeating affirmations and positive messages leads the subconscious mind to rearrange your comfort zone as previously mentioned.

Autosuggestion and Hypnosis: You may not want to undergo a hypnosis session unless you absolutely need to try this treatment technique, but the good news is that you can hypnotize yourself through what is known as autosuggestion. Work, the money will not suffice me to achieve what I want, I will not find the appropriate opportunity in this newspaper…etc.” What is required of us is to organize and arrange the process of autosuggestion to achieve good results from communicating with the subconscious mind. Read our article on autosuggestion and the mechanisms of autosuggestion.

Finally… It is worth noting that each of us will be able to develop his own skills and techniques for communicating with the subconscious mind, but he undoubtedly needs to understand and realize the rules of addressing the subconscious mind and its mechanism of action in order to be able to put in place the appropriate mechanisms.


🇫🇷 The French Attraction 🇫🇷 By Tonio Macy is a manifestation audio program that you can buy it online for a lifetime subscription of $37. To get it to work, you need to listen to the audio frequencies every night.

Overall, The French Attraction a very nice guide that will attract the attention of the people who want to improve their lives.

You should mind, though, that is no definitive scientific evidence whatsoever that the program actually works. The official website offers several arguments in favor of this program, but so far, we can’t really claim with 100% certainty that it’ll work for you. At least there’s a moneyback guarantee if you dislike the results.

So, if you want to use the power of frequency to achieve more, the French Attraction program is a solid choice.


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