6 Tips To Be Successful With A Facebook Store

If you’re one of those who still worry about the idea of ​​marketing through Facebook’s free store, I’ll tell you a story that will make you change your mind.

Olivia Calley, a girl who managed to earn $ 7,500 for selling only 170 products through a Facebook store.

This is exactly what you can do if you have a skill or hobby and decided to use it to collect more money.

When Kyle ran her experience of «Real Simple Magazine», she said, “I’ve always liked painting, coloring and decoration.

Kylie began selling some of her hand-made products to complete her home furniture shortages, while later she jumped to the idea of ​​using Facebook as her independent business through which she could make a profit.

Kaili is still restoring some old furniture, decorating and decorating it, and then reselling it through her own Facebook store.

“This is due to her belief in people’s connection to social networking, and she loses them every hour,” she said.

It believes in the ability of social media to reach out to the public, unlike the buying and selling applications that Kailie has never followed.

In addition to the free of these means, she is able to penetrate all the rows and houses and reach the public in their place!

In her meeting with «Real Simple Magazine», Kayley gave several tips from her experience to young people wanting to start their e-marketing projects.

If you are interested in marketing through social media, these tips will help you make big profits by totally free means or guide you to avoid – at least – the mistakes made by others of your predecessors.



6 Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Online Store

1/ Market Study well:

This is what Kylie is recommending to get into the marketing world through Facebook and social media in general.

Before you start making a list of products you want to sell, I advise you to check out a Facebook store and explore people looking around.

So, you need to know what they think about the products they want to buy, the prices that suit them, and learn to reach their specific desires.

In addition, competitors’ experiences and market demand must be examined to distinguish their product, especially if similar products are available and competitive.

2/ Give your products an appropriate price:

During your search in the market you wish to sell, you should focus on the amounts paid by the satisfied consumer for similar products.

Thus you can set a suitable price that will always make you competitive and try to stay ahead of consumer options, without hurting yourself.

“If your prices are too low, customers either offer or accept your products very often,” says Kylie.

But you see that through the Facebook store you can raise the price $ 10 or $ 20 additional, and enjoy a good number of orders.

3/ Do not be too firm and strict:

People are used to receiving offers from time to time and also asking for discounts on their own, from producers or brand owners.

So Kylie advises those who are next to this business not to be disturbed, and gently deal with the client who is negotiating the price.

“Keep in mind that your goal is to sell your products and make profits through Facebook or any other marketing and marketing medium, so your focus on making profits – no matter how small you see them – is going to be outstanding. Ultimately your profits will grow and grow, gross profit!

Kylie gets its products for free or buys them for a small fee and makes adjustments to sell them later at a relatively cheap price.

Despite being able to make a bigger profit, they find their way more effective, they sell their products faster, and first hand.

And you think that if you think of selling other products may generate more profit, you will get them at a high price and not as cheap as you do!

4/ Make sure to show your products well:

Imagine having spent a lot of time, effort and money in designing, organizing, and checking the quality of your products, going all out of the wind!

You do not have to rest assured even if you do the impossible to provide good or excellent products, and compete if you do not have a way to view them.

In Kylie’s opinion, the interest in good photography of your products displayed in Facebook and elsewhere (electronically) is very important.

Because the seller wants to attract the attention of the customer, to stop at him, he must make sure that the pictures presented by the distinctive and talking about themselves.

An attractive view is the best way to attract customers. Random images will not stand up to the product and will not serve your goals, but may hurt you.

Customers offer repulsive images that do not care about their beauty and details.

Kylie suggests to highlight the products by making the background a brick wall image, or a landscape like a garden or green space.

“As well as the sparkle that you will give these touches to your products, adding these touches will give the customer the impression that you are a professional, take care of your product well”

And the need to pay attention to the quality of the images you take for your products, it emphasizes the need to combine simplicity and accuracy.

Kylie says she uses her iPhone to take photos of her products in the hour before sunset, because it looks like the product looks better.

You recommend using a professional camera as much as possible, and not relying on your phone’s camera if it is not that precise. The good image sells more.

And warns of over-adjusting images and using filters, since the image of the most obvious product is more reliable and thus win the confidence of customers.

5/ Show your products in all places:

This is another essential tip that completes the loop. You should display your products and offers on platforms other than Facebook.

Kylie has an account in Instagram for example, announcing its various products, seeing new eyes, and receiving new customers as well.

You should also ensure that you have the visual identity of your previously identified brand, including your promotional images.

“If customers notice your” style / style “and take the quality of your products very carefully, they’ll stay around you,” says Kylie.

By doing this you will earn new and lasting customers for your brand, and most importantly, they will be able to differentiate your products from others!

6/ Be prepared to negotiate always:

This advice follows the third advice. As a marketer or seller, you should always remember people’s desire to negotiate or break the price of the product!

These are usually the people, and because they are, Kylie sees that the seller in the Facebook store and other flexible in its price limits of course.

Kylie says: This will make your customer happier and more satisfied with you. He may direct his friends to try to buy from you and become your permanent customer.

This will definitely make you happier!

Because all customers, regardless of their material levels and living conditions, tend to offer discounts and offers in one form or another, they advise you to:

Set an initial price, with a margin to negotiate, for example, $18 for a product you would like to sell for $ 15, to leave room for the customer’s comma.

When the customer offers you to buy the product for only $10, you can bid $ 15 as a compromise, check your selling goal and satisfy the customer together.

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