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The founder of the famous eBay Website, Pierre Omidyar, is the founder of Iran, but he is French-born, has American citizenship and is now one of the most famous philanthropists, donating his time and wealth to help the poor work and invest, and then succeed.

Pierre Omidyar

Pierre Omidyar

Pierre Omidyar is the founder of the eBay e-commerce website, the world’s first, largest online store. In the following lines, I introduce you to the idea of ​​this project and how it managed to make it succeed and bring in billions.

Pierre Omidyar was born in Paris, on 21 June 1967, to Iranian parents, where his father worked as a human surgeon. His family moved to the United States of America at the age of six. He grew up in Washington, DC, on the East Coast, and spent two years in Hawaii. Other.

There he showed his love for electronics and computers (especially TRS-80) at his school and continued his studies until he graduated from Tufts University in 1988 with his degree in computer science, but he never showed any signs of academic excellence during his career.

Pierre Omidyar – Love of programming since childhood

After introducing himself to programming on Apple Mac OS X, Pierre Omidyar’s first job at Apple’s Claris was to help compute the MacDraw application for Apple.

In 1991, he and three of his friends co-founded a software company, one of whose projects was e-commerce over the Internet, but the Parallel Profits company’s business later shifted to focus only on e-commerce and switched to eShop.

Pierre Omidyar left this company in 1994, which was later bought by Microsoft in 1996.

The departure of Pierre Omidyar was a mobile communications company, but Pierre Omidyar remained fascinated by the possibilities of e-commerce over the Internet.

eBay – The beginning is a desire to provide free e-commerce to individuals

Pierre Omidyar thinks of the possibilities of free trade between the individual and the other, using the Internet as a means of bringing together buyers and sellers. So, at the age of 28, Pierre took a long vacation to compile an application that later developed to be named eBay and launched on September 4, 1995, Web.

Because Pierre was talking about his wife in the future, he wanted to stay as long as possible with his sweetheart, not with his computer correcting the problems of programming, so from the first day to the idea that his program should try to solve the problems likely, and continue to work whatever happens.

The very principle on which the Internet-based communication protocol, called TCP / IP, was built.

The beginning of eBay is free and then paid for, on the side then full-time

The service was free at first, then turned in exchange for money to cover the cost of hosting and operating the site.

In return for every sale, Pierre was paid a small commission. This commission was spent on developing the site and increasing its services.

After the phenomenal success of his website (an increase in sales of 20-30% per month for three consecutive years), the increasing number of registrants on the site, and the increasing number of merchandise offered and requested, the site revenue quickly increased from Pierre’s daytime job, so he resigned and focused his efforts on developing his shop .

The fame came as a result of the praise and admiration of the site’s services, as well as the Feedback Forum, where both the seller and the buyer could write out their experience in dealing with each other, thereby increasing the credibility and credibility of the site and its reliability.

The story of choosing an eBay name



In 1997, Pierre changed the name of the site to eBay, minimizing the name of the consulting firm that Pierre also founded under the name Echo Bay (or the echo valley, if you want to know the literal meaning).

This miniaturization came because the first name (Eco Bay) was already reserved on the Internet.

Pierre then began to advertise vigorously and aggressively for his services, making the number of auctions offered by his site more than 800 thousand auctions, and in 1998 put Pierre on the stock market, when the number of subscribers to the site to more than one million subscribers.

At the end of this year, the estimated value of Pierre’s stake in its shares was approximately $3 billion.

At first, Pierre was the manager, the guard and the cleaner (meaning he did everything by himself), until he began employing experienced workers. He was appointed executive director in 1998 and began to devote himself to larger tasks.

eBay – No success free from problems and pitfalls

However, this journey never went smoothly. In 1999, the site stopped working for 22 consecutive hours. This is the place of an informational disaster, but it was dealt with intelligently and wisely.

But eBay contacted more than 10,000 top customers, explained the cause of the problems, and then apologized for the interruption.

Shortly afterwards, the site stopped working for 8 hours, but it passed peacefully again.

In 2003, eBay earned more than $2 billion in revenue, and had more than 95 million subscribers, selling goods divided into more than 45,000 categories. The company went on to make acquisitions (such as PayPal and Skype) and was on the path to new markets , Especially China and India.

The first commercial project of Pierre Omidyar

In a private interview with Pierre Omidyar, he stated that his first business was to print some data on a small card, just like those found in public libraries, for $ 6 an hour. He also contributed to programming applications that organized classroom schedules and lessons in class Second secondary.

The passion to solve problems in unexpected ways

Pierre Omidyar asserts that his passion is to solve problems in entirely new ways and to help people. He attributes the secret of his success to the support of the community that grew up around his position and his shop, who supported, helped and marketed him without asking them.

It is also the members of the community who have reported all unethical or suspicious transactions, in order to safeguard society itself.

Pierre Omidyar asserts that the CEO he appointed raised the company professionally and made it up to where it was, because she was an expert in managing large companies.

(Witness: Being the owner of your work, and his success, does not mean that you are able to manage him until you die, but you will reach a point you must pledge to his family).

Tags on his way:

– Pierre predicts that all future work will be done only via the Internet, in one form or another.

– 30 per million commercial transactions carried out through eBay are reported as fraud, which is lower than in other traditional transactions.

If you want to repeat what I have done, do not waste your time. You have been preceded by others. They have become more experienced than you. But his advice is to do something you love and be strongly convinced of, and be willing to give him everything.

– Although his first company, which he helped to establish, did not work as well as he wanted, his efforts to support and stabilize him helped him in his second attempt.

– In 2005, Pierre’s stake in his position was worth $8 billion.

– Pierre and his wife pledged to donate 1% of their wealth each year to philanthropy around the world, funding many small and medium-sized enterprises.

– Pierre did not expect all this success, but that did not prevent him from continuing to take advantage of the hobby he likes: computer programming.

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