25 Ways To Improve SEO Ranking Fast [2019]

Do you want more traffic? Discover The Top 25 Ways To Improve SEO Ranking Fast [2019] That’ll Generate Huge Traffic To Your Site.

1: If you want to use JavaScript in the drop down menus and you want to place links on images, make sure to create a page in a site where all links to your site are placed without exception

2: The content of the page as the king for Google and other search engines, so make sure you put good content unique and immovable and through it targeted the important keywords set in the meta tag

3: If the page content is the king, the internal links and backlinks are the queen, so build a network of internal and external links to your site with targeted keywords

4: PageRank is not just a Prestige for your site and helps with quick supervision, so you now find sites with low rankings leading Google results and ahead of sites with high PageRank

5: Make sure to vary the words used in the title tag and meta tags, especially in the title, each page of your site must have a different title for the other pages, and if the name of your site or company must be in the title of the page, In the last title, because the name of your site will not be used very little in search of Google, if you should target words used by people in search of Google and search engines next to the name of your site or your company, and that step one of the most successful SEO for your site, but not the most important or only , All of which complement each other to reach the top of search engines and search results R your site.

6: The content of the new page is a very important factor in your appearance at the top of the results of the search engines. The placement of regularly updated pages content makes search engine spiders look at you and regularly visit your site. This is evidenced by news sites and newspaper websites. Day, so search engine spiders love it and always come up with the highest results and get high PageRank, it does not mean that you change the content of your pages daily, but create new each period as regularly as possible

7: When you place a link on your site for another page inside your site too, use keywords in the link and avoid using the word Click here or read more or others

8: Focus on the key phrases when you put a link and not a single key word, meaning away from the use of the word mobile phones, but the use of the latest and latest mobile phones and different models, in this way you will target the word Mobayat and the word newest or renew the mobile and others

9: When designing a new site, you must choose a designer who understands the meaning of the word SEO and understands the obstacles of search engine spiders, so that a site that is in line with the search engines

10: Use targeted keywords in images, links, page brackets, and wherever you can place keywords

11: Try to choose between www and non-www meaning that you should choose how to show your site using www prefer using htaccess security conversion for google through file

12: Creating a 404 error page is very important for Google

13: Avoid using tables, AJAX and Flash when designing your site, it hinders the process of supervision when visiting search engine spiders of your site, and try not to use too much images

14: The extension of your site does not affect, there is no difference between programming languages ​​when programming and design sites for search engines, where you can use .html, .htm, .asp, .php, it will not affect if you interest the site configuration for search engines

15: When you have finished creating a new site and you are going to the Google site through the following link

www.google.com/addurl The process of extension of your site may take some time, the only way to make Google spiders to archive your site faster is to put links to your site within sites with high quality and classification Try to create a blog or a free blog to talk about your site Put your links within this The blog

16: When you put external links to your site in other sites, remember that the process is not qualitative, meaning that you put ten links enjoy the confidence of Google better than you put hundreds of links in sites not important

17: search engines looking for good content and non-moving or repeated, also do not try to stuff your topics and pages words and sentences thinking you that way will appear in the advanced results of those words

18: Not only is it important to put important words on your site links or so called Anchor Texts, but it is also very important to put you to important words above and below and beside links appropriately and not individually

19: If your site on the server shared by several other sites, make sure to block other sites and put them in the BlackBerry not so as not to harm your site and punish the punishment of another site, or obscured by Google because of blocking Google to another site on the same server on your site

20: Make sure your site is easy to use, and make sure your pages are all linked to an internal network of links

21: You may have a very important page or pages in your site and visitors can not access it and watch it, so put links to those important pages in the mail messages that you send to members of your site

22: It is not only important to place the link of your main page only in other sites, but it is important to place internal page links also in other sites, this point is very important

23: Focus on one or more words at most on each page

24: Logarithms search engines are constantly changing and new every day, so you should be a good follower to everything that is new and you should work to create your site continuously, and remember that your access to advanced results is not the end and harder to maintain that

25: Sign up for the Google Webmaster service provided by Google to constantly follow your site and solve the problems discovered and displayed by Google Webmaster Tools

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25 Ways To Improve SEO Ranking Fast [2019]
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