123 Profit Review By Aidan Booth – Does It Really Works?

The 123 Profit program is widely available to teach people how to make online money. It’s available online for your convenience. It is so well-liked because it provides a systematic framework for monetizing one’s online presence through affiliate marketing or reselling another person’s goods and services.

With 123 Profit, you can get the strategies you need to become the next online super affiliate with minimal effort.

Let’s talk more about the modules of this online training program.

  • Product Name: 123 Profit
  • Author: Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton
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123 Profit Aidan Booth

What is 123 PROFIT?

This jaw droppingly effective business model has NOTHING to do with eCommerce, Crypto or the “IM” Niche.

It’s a very unique spin on generating large commissions online and no-one in our industry is doing anything like it.

In fact, this method is SO effective, it’s currently generating our company up to $10,000 PER DAY (or more)

Here are some recent results…

  • Best Hour :$937.10
  • Best Day: $10,914.35
  • Best Week: $45, 778.14
  • Best Month: $183,103.70

and over $1.3MM in a single year.

123 Profit Results

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The 123 Profit method is a twist on CPA marketing where you get paid commissions by generating LEADS. It’s simple, easy to run and people don’t need to deal with customer support, suppliers, product inventory… or any of the usual headaches.

In fact, you don’t need to “sell” anything at all as you are generating leads. All people need is a simple little webpage with as little as 27 words on it… Targeted free traffic… and that’s it.

10,000ft overview of the 123 Profit

Here is a 10,000ft overview of the 123 Profit simple 3-step strategy…

STEP 1: Pinpoint An Offer

• The first stage is to pinpoint a high-converting offer to promote.

• We use “networks ” such as Max Bounty or Flex Offers, to identify leads. (Sometimes it can take some time to be accepted into these networks, but we have a fast – track SOLUTION for this.

• Offers are not chosen based on niche, they are chosen based on conversion rates and the amount of commission that is paid out per lead. In addition, the size of the audience, where that audience is located… and whether it can be reached through free or paid traffic… or both.

• Offers could be things like…Skin Cream, Credit repair, Insurance, Disability Help, Checking Accounts or perhaps Diet and Weight Loss…and some of these pay out HUNDREDS of dollars per lead.

Once the offer is chosen, we move on to…

STEP 2: Set Up The WebPage

• The next stage is to set up the web page/landing page

• Now the great thing about this is there is no design or coding needed as they really are super simple, only contain a handful of words and more importantly are usually “done-for-you”

• The core aim of these pages is when someone visits, all they need to do is to scan the page and quickly take action. There are no distractions at all…and of course, once this action is taken, a commission is generated.

Once the 123 Profit pages are set up, the next stage is..

STEP 3: Turn On The Traffic

• There are two options here…. Free traffic, or paid traffic…and it’s possible to run with either, depending on the offer, and a person’s budget. What we usually do is to use a supe -low-cost traffic strategy that generates monster traffic and gets FAST results (in a matter of hours) …

• Then, once we have confirmed if the offer we are promoting is profitable, we move onto other methods of traffic (including free traffic) to ramp up the earnings.

So in a nutshell, that’s the overall strategy

…and once the 3 steps are completed and a person is successfully making money, the next stage is to SCALE UP by…

• Creating automated email series to send to the leads generated, with additional offers to ramp up earnings.
• Ramping up the budget

And most importantly..

PROMOTING additional offers to the leads that have been generated via an automated sales funnel (to generate additional, evergreen income.)

So that’s the 10,000ft overview.

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Who Is Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton?

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton

When it comes to online marketing, Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, the company’s founders, have a solid track record. They’d both worked as CFOs for Fortune 500 companies before switching to remote work.

The founders developed a course that details multiple online marketing strategies that can be available to generate income.

This program is available to help people learn how to start their successful online stores and earn seven figures even in a down economy. It teaches you about cost-per-action (CPA) advertising, attracting more visitors to your site, and maximizing your revenue.

In addition, it includes guidance from CPA professionals and access to exclusive tools. The course also includes training webcasts every week.

Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton have devised a strategy to educate their students on every aspect of online advertising. The eight-week training program is designed to help students succeed.

This training course is available with a 100% guarantee and satisfactory results. Money-back option is also available if you do not receive the best outcomes. In 30 days, a refund is possible if you do not get satisfactory results. Comprehensive training and access to all tools are available.

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What is the Core of 123 Profit?

If you want to make some extra cash or even build a full-time income, CPA marketing could be the perfect option for you. And, with 123 Profit Training Program, you can get started quickly and easily.

This comprehensive training course covers everything you need to know about CPA marketing Business, from the basics of setting up your campaign to advanced strategies for scaling your earnings. Plus, 123 Profit course is taught by experienced marketers who have succeeded with CPA marketing, so you can be confident that you’re learning from the best in business industry.

The Secret 3-Step System We Use To Generate $10,914 PER DAY!

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123 Profit 3-Step System

On The Live Profit Lab Calls, We’re Going To Be Covering…

The Secret 3-Step System We Use To Generate $10,914 PER DAY …and as much as…$183,103 EACH MONTH Using SHOCKINGLY SIMPLE 27 Word Web Pages.

You’ll discover…

  • How we built a consistent 7-figure online income-stream without having to “sell” anything at all.
  • The 3 secret steps we use to generate as much as $10,914 each day and up to $45,778 per week.
  • How we earn an ASTONISHING $1000 per 100 clicks with unheard of conversion rates of up to 59%.
  • Why this system ELIMINATES all the “usual headaches”, such as copywriting, customer service, store set up and product creation.
  • The shockingly simple landing pages we use to generate hundreds of dollars per hour (and how you can “CARBON COPY” them).
  • The inner-workings on a hyper-successful $50,000 campaign (this is going to be HUGE).
  • 10 MASSIVE advantages that this system has over other online business models (some of these will SHOCK you).
  • How this system has produced amazing results for our beta-testers (you’ll hear their stories on the call).
  • 3 classified sources of instant traffic we use and how we convert this traffic to income exceptionally fast.
  • How to get exclusive access to a series of “shortcuts” that’ll help you succeed with this system too (if you take action and put the effort in)
  • A “golden ticket” for tripling your earnings fast.

123 Prfoit Success

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Who would benefit most from joining 123 Profit?

123 Profit is an 8-week course focusing on cost-per-action (CPA) advertising. This online course is helpful for those who are interested in learning about CPA marketing to generate a huge income online.

You all know that it’s a training course designed under professional’s guidance. It teaches you all about the cost per action (CPA) advertising. In the starting section, you get background information on cost-per-action (CPA) advertising.

Then, you’ll get information on where to look for CPA offers of various types. After that, you will be taught to organize your CPA campaigns, monitor their performance, and expand them to maximize profits.

All of the instructional materials, including video lessons, PDF handouts, and reference sheets, are presented in a format that is simple to follow. Moreover, Anthony and the other students in the course have created a private Facebook group where you can ask different questions and receive feedback.

To have more specific knowledge about CPA marketing, 123 Profit is undoubtedly the fantastic option. It’s a comprehensive course that provides you with everything you need to begin your CPA marketing career on the right foot.

Final Verdict

123 Profit is the perfect training program for anyone who wants to earn money through cost per action (CPA) marketing.

This Training course will teach you everything you need to know to get started in this lucrative earning stream and how to scale your earnings to the next level.

You’ll learn about the different types of CPA offers, how to find the best offers to promote, and how to maximize your earnings per click. You’ll also get access to exclusive tools and resources in 123 Profit to quickly get started in this field.

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